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MTA Status Concept



New York City has a population of over 8 million people with an average of 5 million of them using the MTA every week. One thing that New Yorkers can agree on is the love and hate relationship they have for the MTA service. Trains and busses can be delayed, have planned service, or even be shut down all together. The MTA is a key infrastructure that the city of New York relies on and deserves a better way to communicate its status to its users.

The Problem

Google is able to get MTA service from within the application, but you can only get it when asking for a specific route. In order to get an overview of the status of different lines, commuters would have to still use the website.

The Solution

Design an application that can work in cohesion with existing navigation applications to allow users to get the most up to date information regarding the status of the trains they frequently use.




After establishing a problem and possible solution, I analyzed various what current native iOS and Android applications were communicating regarding the MTA Status. Users could only get information when they searched for a destination they wanted to go to and could not get an overview of the current MTA status.

I drew inspiration from the iOS stocks application. Stocks are constantly changing status and when people check the application they are going there just to check if it has gone up or down. I felt this was an appropriate metaphor for the status of the transportation system.


Once I felt I had a grasp on the direction I was heading, I started doing low fidelity wireframes to quickly ideate different layouts and solutions. After several iterations I created a higher fidelity wireframe in Sketch to illustrate the basic interactions of the application.


After creating a higher fidelity wireframe, I began on the visual design. I wanted the application to follow iOS Guidelines and make it feel like a native application. I referenced several elements from the Stocks app and removed some elements that I no longer found necessary from the wireframes. I used Sketch to create the Visual Design then used Principle to create a high fidelity interaction of the application.